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Our Leagues

We have many leagues for you to play in. Some leagues are more competitive than others, but all are great fun.

For Seniors (50+) there are two leagues just for them: Thursday Senior Competitive ; and 50+ Social (curling Monday and Wednesday mornings (with four sessions also on Tuesdays). Open format, anyone old enough of any sex can participate. Individuals may sign up and teams are assembled fresh for each round. 

For Juniors (8-20) there are two leagues just for them: Novice Juniors (< 2years curling) and Experienced Juniors (>2 years curling).

For the youngest ones (6-12) there is the Little Rocks, using half-sized rocks to learn the game and have some fun. 

There is a Mixed League (Wednesday) where each team consists of two men and two women alternating in the throwing order.

On Fridays we have the Gladstone Friday Fun League is for learning curlers and those who cannot commit to a full season of curling, but can commit to five weeks at a time. They might also like a beer or two on Friday afternoons and evenings from our partners at Gladstone Brewing.   

On Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons we have two league options for  Open Doubles play; a new Olympic curling format for pairs where there is no designated sweepers and there are only 5 rocks thrown per end.

We also are running an instructional Adult Learn To Curl program on Thursday evenings! 

There are three men's leagues: Tuesday Men's; Thursday Men's and the Hangover League (Sunday).

For ladies there are three leagues:Tuesday afternoon; late afternoon; and Thursday Evening. Tuesday 

And, on Monday, there is the Monday Open League that doesn`t care who or how old you are (only that you have fun, and make friends at the same time).

We have a new Sunday Fun League as well that is completely Open format and beginner friendly.

Anyone graduating from either our Learn To Curl Program or clinic will be more than ready to join the following beginner friendly leagues: 50+ Senior Social League,  Monday Open League, Tuesday Afternoon Ladies, Gladstone Friday Fun League, or Sunday Fun Open League. While it is easiest to get into a league as part of a team, we will do our very best to find a team for individuals or couples. Contact the club and/or the league coordinator and we'll do our best. Similarly, if your team needs a player, please let your coordinator know. 


To Register: 

You have several ways to register for the 2018-19 season. You can register, and pay, online. If you are reading this then you are halfway there. You need a user id and password which you can get by selecting the option to "Send My User Name and Password to my Email Address" from the "Login" screen. Then login and select the "Renew Membership" option of the "Members +" pull-down menu. This will bring up the registration form. 

Fill in your name, address, phone number(s), etc. or correct what is there from last year.

Accept the Privacy Policy and Injury Waiver releases by clicking the  buttons in each section. 

Select the "Curling Member" membership type by clicking the radio button. Then select the appropriate fee type from the drop-down list, either adult if you are/will be 21 or more prior to March 31, 2018, or junior.

Then for each league you wish to participate in select the radio button next to that league and fill in the names of your team members if you know them. If you don't know them, or want to be put on a team, put "assign" in each position box that you don't know or don't want to play, and your own name in the position(s) that you will, or are willing to play. Any special message to the league convenor can be put in the "Convenor Notes" box.

A special case exists for the 50+ Senior Social leagues three sessions, and for the Little Rocks, Novice and Experienced Juniors, because the entries are for individuals, not teams. No boxes for positions are shown for these leagues. Please put your position preference(s) in the "Convenors Notes" box. 

Select any options, such as a full or partial locker from the list of options:

If you are joining the 50+ Senior Social league, select the option to pay the social membership fee that helps fund their social events.  

If you have joined another club and are a CurlBC/CCA member through the other club select the Discount Option to remove the fee. You must be a CurlBC/CCA member to play at the club.

If you are renewing a locker, select the appropriate type (Full or Half) rental. 

Then review the complete form and select the check box that says you certify that the information is correct on the form.

Click the "Validate Registration and Calculate Fee" button. This will total up the bill and allow you to go to the form and off-site agency (Moneris) that will accept your credit card information and charge you.

Or you can call the club on the phone (250) 334-4712 or come by during office hours.

Or you can show up at the club between 6 PM and 9 PM on Thursday September 6, Monday September 10, or Wednesday September 12 and have one of our managers help you. 

None of those options work? Email us at and we'll sort you out. 


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