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Little Rocks 4:30 PM




Do you have a 5 – 7 year old child that just can't wait to learn to curl and start learning the great game of curling?

In our supportive and non-competitive focused program, they will be given an introduction to curling and ice safety, an explanation of the equipment and how the game is played and how points are scored.  They will learn how to use a broom to sweep and learn basic curling stance, throwing and aiming.  We will work with them on how to throw basic shots and how to play the game in a team format on a half ice sheet, by the end of the season. They will have fun with our age appropriate drills and fun mini games at the end of the ice sheet each class.  Little Rock curlers use half-size stones that are appropriate for their age and ability.

Curling is great exercise for the body and mind and a great way to learn listening and teamwork skills! Lots of Little Rock kids make great friends they curl with for years.  Come out and try the fantastic sport of curling!

Program begins Oct 16, 2019 ends Feb 26, 2020. No curling on Dec 18, Dec 25, Jan 1

Just $75.00 per child for the entire year! Curl BC and Curling Canada are now collecting an additional $10 Jr affiliation fee.


There are two time slot choices, both featuring 55 minutes of ice time. 4:30 PM or 5:35 PM. Space is limited so first come first served. 

Helmet Rules:

Helmets are not provided and are mandatory under 9 years of age from Curl BC Guidelines.  9 – 12 year of age, Curl BC recommends wearing helmets, but it is not mandatory. Ages 13 and over do not have to wear helmets, but we recommend wearing some form of protective headgear. Helmets can be hockey, bike, skateboard or curling helmets.

Footwear rules:

The club requires clean indoor only footwear be worn on the ice or dedicated curling shoes. Runners are a very good choice or boots for the little ones

Curling Equipment:

The club provides brooms, pull over sliders and grippers for a minimal rental fee of $1 per time session.  Curling crutches are provided free of charge to curlers who need them. 

You can bring your own curling equipment as long as it is clean and in good condition.

What to Wear:

Little rocks often wear snowsuits if they are very little and get cold easily.  Please make sure they can get them off to go to the bathroom if they need to.

We recommend wearing warm, stretchable pants, such as tights, sweatpants or jogging pants.  Jeans are not good for curling.

It is cold on the ice so a warm jacket is important as well as gloves that can grip a broom and a curling rock.  Really puffy gloves or even finger ski gloves are not a great idea – they are too bulky.  A good quality finger knit glove is best.

A neck warmer is a good idea, but not a scarf, as it can get caught when a curler throws the rock.

Layering is a really good idea as when we begin to play full games, kids can get quite hot. 

Warm socks are a very good idea.

A toque under a helmet is also a good idea to keep ears warm.

For more info please email Lisa Petr

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