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Here's a list of the amazing people who gave of their time and spirit to help with leagues, bonspiels, programs, instructing, and helping out the club in so many other ways.To all of these people thank you!!! 

This list may be incomplete as it was provided from volunteer coordinators, they may have omitted their own names. Spellings could also be off. If we have a name incorrect please let us know and we'll fix it!


Adam Duncan

Allan Bridges

Allison Watt

Andrea Anderson

Beth Broomfield

Bonnie Luterbach

Bonnie Seeley

Brian Baltis

Brian Helpard

Bryn Woloshyn

Carla Kostuik

Chanelle Meeres

Chuck Cave

Clem Jean

Colleen Robson

Connie Stanick

Craig Bernes

Dan Carroll

Darlene Young

Daryl Wright

Dave Pachuluk

Debbi Bender

Dee Horie

Dennis Colburn

Diane Calder

Don Nickason

Donna Ehrmantrout

Doug Forbes King

Doug Seeley

Elaine Starchuk

Ellie Nichols

Frank Mayhood

Fred Pugh

Garry Mills

George Luterbach

Gerald Houlgrave

Gracelyn Richards

Harvey Jenkins

Harvey McDougall

Holly Sanders

Jack Holden

Jana Bristol

Janice Ainsworth

Jayne Tanguay

Jeremy Nordquist

Jim Corsbie

Joan and Brian Hunter

Joan Hunter

Joanie Forseth

JoAnna Herbert

Joey Beaudin

John Brown

John Hobson

Johnny Hruby

Joyanne Dobbs

Judy Berkeley

Judy Francis

Julie McDonald

Keith Parry

Keelie Duncan

Kimmie Jonsson

Laina Thurber

Laina Thurber

Lana Riva-Crerar

Larry McDonald

Larry Reynolds

Laurie Joanisse

Lesley Hruby

Lincoln Foster

Lisa Petr

Liz Hodgson

Liz Shivas

Lori Ross

Lorne Stefan

Marcia Dumais

Mare Michell

Marilyn Henderson

Mark Peill

Mary Holden

Melanie Vigneault

Mickey Colburn

Mike Morrissey

Mike Taylor

Miles Jones

Murray Peavoy

Nancy Booth

Pat Everett

Paul Fletcher

Richard Sharples

Richard Tanguay

Robert Lee

Ron Pearce

Sandra Gallaway

Sandra Vardy

Sean Rocque

Sharon Meeres

Sharon Walker

Sheila May

Shelly Brown

Silvio Alberti

Stephen Kormilo

Steve Thurber

Susann vom Bruck

Sylvia Mossey

Sylvia Mossy

Terra Brown

Terry Francis

Tom Shaw

Val Schultz

Yokee Wong



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