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The Extra End Lounge is open daily during the curling season. Watch live curling, watch curling, football, golf, and hockey on TV! Great music! Giant Jenga! Bar snacks! Good times are guaranteed at the EEL.

Oh yeah, we have a daily rotating assortment of some of the best BC Craft Beer!

The locals: Gladstone, Cumberland Brewing, Forbidden. 

The exports: Beach Fire (Campbell River), Powell Street (Vancouver), Parkside (Port Moody), Moody Ales (Port Moody), Hoyne (Victoria), Steel & Oak (New Westminister).

For the wine connoisseur  we feature premium wines by the bottle or glass from Stags Hollow (Okanagan Falls).

Hoppy Hour Specials daily 4 PM to 6 PM! $5.00 full pints!

An incomplete list of our revolving taps! 


GLADSTONE  Best Bitter 

A mildly cloudy tawny brown with a persistent thin white head. Aromas of mild spice under laid by earthy and floral hop bitterness share the stage equally, nobody pulls ahead of anyone else. Dry, yet palatable, hop bitterness leads on the tongue with a slightly lingering malt grain sweetness on the finish. The forwardness of the hop dryness is refreshing rather than overpowering, and plays well with the mild carbonation to create a soft, smooth mouthfeel. 4.5 abv 29 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Belgian Tripel

Aromas of spice and cloves familiar from the Single are very prominent here, and a hop forward bitterness pushes the spice, banana, orange, and pear flavours to the tail of the sip. A creamy and mildly sparkling mouthfeel round out the body and allow the flavours to linger on the tongue after the beer is swallowed. Mildly sweet ethanol flavor lends a nice warmth to the finish. 8.2 abv  34 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Belgian Single 

An extremely pale golden ale, the Gladstone Belgian Single exudes fruity and highly spicy aromas. Three varieties of hops combine to create the unique character of the Single, Saaz provides the pepper, Hallertauer exudes floral, Goldings bring the citurs. These flavours are apparent in the light, dry body, though they remain understated to maximize the refreshing character of the Single. Complimentary pepper flavours from light hopping and a grainy texture from the malts create a very dry finish that almost vanishes from the tongue.4.5 abv  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Imperial Stout 

An opaque black beer with a persistent dark mocha head, exuding dry chocolate and roasted coffee aromas backed by mild dry fruit. Flavour of sweet chocolate leads, while bitter coffee follows. 10 abv 64 1bu  Courtenay



Champagne Powder Belgian Brut IPA was brewed with amylase enzyme to dry it out, and is described as “an IPA brewed with Belgian yeast to produce that trademark fruity ester and spicy phenol character, which is complemented by a complex blend of tropical and floral hops.” A collaboration with Vancouver Island Brewing. 6.2 abv 23 ibu  Courtenay



This batch of the Red Ale is a clear red tea color with a moderately persistent off white head. This beer is all about balance and understatement, mild aromas of grapefruit and lightly sweet caramel rise just above a small dose of fir, pine, and orange pekoe; all of which carry through lightly on the tongue. Mouthfeel is smooth and well rounded, flavours fill the mouth but are not overwhelming; finish lingers pleasantly and leaves behind the taste of caramel and pine.5.3 abv 32 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Hazy Simcoe Pale Ale 

A glistening, hazy pale orange with strong aromas of peaches, apricots, and hops; Gladstone’s first entry in the fledgling Northeaster category. Strong flavours of tropical fruit, orange, and peach immediately saturate the mouth, with mild grapefruit and pine following subtly. A slightly sticky texture due to the high amount of suspended hop oils helps carry these flavours across the tongue and to the back of the throat; where they are followed by a pleasant hop burn. 5.3 abv 34 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Festbier 

The Gladstone Festbier is a brilliantly clear gold fading to straw with mild head retention. Floral and herbal hop notes play nice with bready malt notes that are slightly sweet and carry through on the first sip; further supported by complimentary spicy hops and a gentle rounding by a mild corn backdrop. Mouthfeel is slightly prickly and quite refreshing, with a mild lingering bitterness that says “one more?”6.0 abv 22 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Helles Bock 

In German Helles translates as ‘bright’ and Bock as ‘strong’ so Helles Bock is essentially a ‘light colored, strong beer.’ A burnished gold lager with brilliant clarity and a persistent clean white head. Spicy aromas carry through onto the tongue with a pleasant tingle; dry hoppy flavours mingle with bready, doughy malt character. The medium heavy body is drying and features middle of the road carbonation. Sharing similar spice characteristics as the Pilsner (same yeast) there is more malt character and more alcohol. 7.2 abv  25 ibu  Courtenay



Sparkling, clear straw color, notably clear and carbonated with low head retention. A slightly sweet malt aroma carries hints of corn with very mild herbal hop notes. Flavors of mildly sweet malt are prevalent, with low-key floral hop bitterness lending a fairly dry, refreshing finish. Slight corn flavors may be apparent in the after taste. 5.3 abv  18 ibu  Courtenay



Glints a dark copper, aromas of tropical fruit can be found, but resinous pine is much more prominent. Lightly malted, strong bitterness from West Coast hops is the focus, complimented rather than diffused by bright citrus flavours courtesy of a generous amount of Southern Hemisphere hops. What malt character remains is most apparent after swallowing, where the light sweetness works to hold the bitterness on the tongue. 6.6 abv  70 ibu  Courtenay



A North American style meaning it has a higher alcohol content, drier profile, and bitterer flavour than its English counterpart. The black body of the Gladstone Porter is intimidating to some, irresistible to others. Strong aromas of dark chocolate and coffee waft from the creamy head, followed by flavours of dark fruit, mild raisin and malty sweetness. Mouth feel is full bodied, in the North American style, and dry toasted malt character is apparent on the finish. 5.5 abv  Courtenay


GLADSTONE   Mystery Ship Nordic IPA

An opaque beer the colour of pale orange or white grapefruit juice, the Mystery Ship Nordic Hazy IPA has aromas of sharp fruit, citrus and orange peel balance by floral notes. Tart orange flavour leads followed by a strong citrus character on the finish, while the smooth, slightly sticky mouthfeel allows flavours to linger. 7.1 abv  19 ibu  Courtenay



A bright, clear, golden Lager, the Gladstone Pilsner smells of crisp yeast and lightly spicy hops. Noticeably bitter, the combination of generous hopping and Pilsen malt results in an extremely refreshing brew. A light toasted finish creates a full body that remains dry and does not linger on the tongue. 5.5 abv  35 ibu  Courtenay


GLADSTONE  Czech Dark Lager 

A deep, darkly translucent red, the Gladstone Dark Lager carries mild dark fruit and raisin aroma. Mild roast malt character is complimented by spice and pepper from the Saaz hops, leading gently into flavours of subdued raisin, earthy fruit, and roast nut. A crisp, refreshing mouth feel lingers pleasantly on the tongue without overstaying its welcome, and leaves thirst quenched. This was a gold medal winner at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards 5.5 abv 35 ibu Courtenay



An English bitter brewed with imported ingredients, this gem is as authentic as we can make it. A great transition beer. 5 abv Cumberland



  6.3 abv  Cumberland
CUMBERLAND BREWING  Dancing Lineback Oatmeal Stout

Pours black with moderate tan head. Aromas of dry roasted malts and dark cocoa powder. Flavors of same with additional swwetened black coffee. More of a dry stout with just a hint of sweetness. Simple and clean.  5.0 abv  Cumberland



American Pale Wheat Ale. A light body with citrus notes , results in a simply refreshing wheat ale , 25 cents per litre of which goes toward the efforts to preserve the Cumberland Forest surrounding the Village of Cumberland.  4.2 abv  Cumberland


It’s a hoppy & stronger Forest Fog!  5.9+ abv  Cumberland




Gold medal winner at the 2017 BC Beer Awards. 5.0 abv  Courtenay



A classic West Coast India Pale Ale. Citrus, pine, tropical fruit with a beautifully bitter finish, an IPA sure to please any hop head.5.0 abv  Courtenay


FORBIDDEN BREWING Bourbon & Oak Brown Ale

As the name suggests, made with bourbon whiskey & French oak. 6.0 abv  Courtenay





A hop forward, west coast pale ale with restrained bitterness, but a big hop aroma and flavour. Just as the tides change, hops in this beer may ebb and flow to showcase new and novel varieties. It will always reflect a stoic focus on a new-world hops with rising flavours of citrus, pine and tropical fruits. 5.5 abv  40 ibu  Campbell River



Saisons were beers brewed on farms in Belgium during the winter months for the farm hands in the summer. They used what grains were available on the farm at the time and as a result were different from farm to farm. Today, Saisons are usually light in colour, light in body and sometimes spiced. The Belgian Saison yeast strain also adds spicy and fruity flavours during fermentation. This version of a Saison uses Malted Rye and Crystal (or Caramelized) Rye to add a smooth mouthfeel and subtle Rye spice. 5.2 abv  18 ibu  Campbell River



Light, refreshing and flavourful. Perfect for a hot day at the beach, or where ever you find yourself soaking up the West Coast sun. A clean, light body with a touch of malt sweetness, this balanced brew sports a subtle hop bitterness and flavour.  It’s all yellow polka-dot bikini, without the peroxide. 5.2 abv  20 ibu  Campbell River


BEACH FIRE BREWING  Cascadian Dark Ale

The name of this beer style is a controversial topic as it is known by three different names: Black IPA, India Black Ale and Cascadian Dark Ale. In the Pacific Northwest the term Cascadian Dark Ale is generally preferred as some of the earliest and best known examples of this style originated at Rogue Ales in Oregon, and Phillips Brewing in Victoria. It is a dark hoppy beer with medium body, pronounced North American hop bitterness and flavours of citrus and pine. The malt is dark, roasty and chocolaty. 7.2 abv  55 ibu  Campbell River



A classic English Porter with a restrained roasty character. A light malty sweetness lingers with flavours of dark chocolate and coffee. The perfect beer for sipping and warming yourself on a cold Fall or Winter evening. 5.3 abv  25 ibu  Campbell River


BEACH FIRE BREWING  Wheelbender Stout

A classic dry Irish Stout for the cool evening beach fire sessions while recapping your day in the trails. Light bodied, a bit roasty, and easy drinking. Although it is dark in colour, this beer is very dry, light bodied and easy drinking with a pleasant roasty and chocolaty character.4.5 abv  40 ibu  Campbell River




POWELL STREET  Ode To Citra  Pale Ale 

West Coast style pale ale showcases the tropical juiciness of the Citra hop. Aromas of mango and passionfruit lead into flavours of sweet citrus, with a subtle malt finish. A tribute to one of our favourite hops, this amber coloured beer is as flavourful as it is sessionable. 2016 Vancouver International Craft Beer Awards - Gold 5.5 abv  35 ibu Vancouver


POWELL STREET  Old Jalopy Pale Ale 
A twist on a traditional English Pale Ale. English pale and caramel malts combined with the spicy, citrusy, and floral notes of the North American Hop gives this ale a very distinct sensory profile. 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards Silver Medal - English Bitter Category

2016 World Beer Cup Bronze Award "Extra Special Bitter", 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards "Beer of the Year"  2013 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal  5.5  abv  40 ibu  Vancouver


POWELL STREET  Dive Bomb Dark Ale 

This dark ale is a light, refreshing and sessionable. Flavours of caramel, toffee, chocolate and nuts are compliemented with Golding hops that add just the right amount of bitterness and a slight floral aroma. 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards Bronze Medal - Brown Ale Category 5.5 abv  33 ibu  Vancouver



A North Eastern Style Hazy IPA showcasing the juiciness of Amarillo and Equinox hops. Intense aromas of grapefruit, orange, apricot, melon, and berries are highlighted by the use of pale ale malt , vienna malt, and wheat. Let’s enjoy these Lazy D’haze. 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal - American Style IPA Category  7.0 abv  58 ibu  Vancouver




PARKSIDE  Humans An IPA For The People  

Light gold in colour with big juicy flavours of tropical fruit, lemon rind and peach from a mix of Cashmere, Mosaic, El Dorado & Citra hops. This heavily dry-hopped beauty truly is ‘an IPA for the People’.6.3 abv 35 ibu  Port Moody


PARKSIDE  Dawn  Pilsner  

Dawn pays homage to traditional German Pilsners with a sublime balance between malt and hop. Old and new hop varieties make Dawn appealing to both traditionalists and adventurous Pilsner lovers alike. A refreshing and sessionable lager. 4.9 abv 25 ibu  Port Moody


PARKSIDE  Dreamboat  Hazy IPA  

Made with Superior Pilsner malt, flaked wheat and oats, this unfiltered IPA has waves of fresh melon and hand-squeezed citrus notes from a happy blend of Cashmere, Lemondrop, Citra, and Azacca hops. A juicy treat that lingers like a hazy dream. 6.3 abv 35 ibu Port Moody



HOYNE  Alpha Acid IPA 

Big additions of Idaho 7, El Dorado and Azacca make this hazy, tropical IPA extra juicy. Brewed with the addition of wheat in the North-Eastern style with a great balance of hops, malt and mouth feel. 6.3 abv Victoria


HOYNE  Helios  Dortmunder Golden Lager 

“A hearty brew for a hardy people!” This is a very European style beer with big malts and light hops coming in near the finish. The texture is also a little heavier than your traditional north American lager making for a beer that has a little more substance to it. If you are looking for a typical, run of the mill lager this is not it. If you are looking for a big craft creation that brings German brewing tradition to British Columbia then give the Helios from a try. It will not disappoint. 6.0 abv abv Victoria


HOYNE  Pilsner 

A light golden pilsner with a decently thick head and a touch of honey sweetness. This pilsner is finished off with a traditional European style hop leaving a very lightly bitter aftertaste. Smooth and easy to drink this is a great quality Pilsner from the reliable Sean Hoyne. Gold 5.5 abv Victoria 


HOYNE  Dark Matter  Dark Ale 

West Coast style pale ale showcases the tropical juiciness of the Citra hop. Aromas of mango and passionfruit lead into flavours of sweet citrus, with a subtle malt finish. A tribute to one of our favourite hops, this amber coloured beer is as flavourful as it is sessionable. 2016 Vancouver International Craft Beer Awards - Gold 5.3 abv Victoria


HOYNE  Down Easy  Pale Ale 

a great tasting, mid-hopped beer. It is extremely smooth with the slightest touch of sweetness. The hop does not hide behind any masking flavours but remains neutral and easy to drink. This combination of flavour and depth leaves enough room to enjoy the malted undertones masked behind a lightly bittered front. This beer is refreshing, easy to drink and tastes great. Gold 5.2 abv Victoria


HOYNE  Appleton E.S.B.  

Classic British Session Ale, brewed in honour of BC Craft beer pioneer Frank Appleton. Copper hued with rich malt body, and a punch of earthy bitterness that finishes dry. 5.2 abv Victoria


MOODY ALES  Affable  IPA  

generously hopped late in the brewing process with American aroma hops that give it a piney, fruity, floral bouquet without imparting heavy bitterness. This beer is all about the nose - a light malt body and moderate bitterness allow the finishing and dry hops to shine through with notes of pineapple, grapefruit and pine. 6.8 abv 60 ibu  Port Moody


MOODY ALES  Rocky Point Lager  
A smooth, clean, crisp lager brewed with simplicity and quality in mind. Using only superior malted barley from the Canadian prairies and matured using an extended conditioning process, this premium lager brings craft to one of Canada's most prized beer styles. For fans of more regular bottled beers! 5 abv 16 ibu  Port Moody

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