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 Need a Team? Need a Player?


Welcome to the Curling Connector! 

If you are an individual or team in need of finding others to complete a team, this page is a bulletin board to help put curlers together.

Please email us with the specifics of what and who you are seeking and we will post it for you. Please detail position or position you play or are seeking, degree of experience and competitiveness etc. The more specific you are the better chance of finding a good fit.

For example: The Tanguay Team is seeking an experienced 2nd for Tuesday Evening Men's League. Ideally looking for someone interested in doing the odd bonspiel. Please contact Richard at...

BTW unless I am clairvoyant I do not believe Richard is looking, that was just an example.  Below are real people looking to find others to curl with.


Glenn Tiede is looking for a partner to play with. Please contact Glenn via email

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