Stick Curling

Stick Curling - New to the Comox Valley Curling Club.

Due to the lack of participants this League will not operate this year!!


                     League fee 2 games (2 hours)/week FULL SEASON $220.00 + GST =  $231.00

                     League fee 2 games (2 hours)/week HALF SEASON $110.00 + GST =  $115.50


                     League fee 1 game (1 hour) /week FULL SEASON  $110.00 + GST   =  $115.50

                     League fee 1 game (1 hour) /week HALF SEASON  $ 55.00  + GST   =  $ 57.75


                     CurlBC Association Fee $20.00 – collected only once no matter how many leagues you are in.


                     Volunteer fee $20.00 – posted dated cheque for Feb. 15, 2017.  The Volunteer fee is new and fully refundable to members who volunteer their services to the CVCC or our League for at least two hours per season.  More info will be sent out by the CVCC Executive.


                     Optional Locker Fee -  Full locker $26.25,  Half Locker $21.00.


                     SPARE Fee – CurlBC Association Fee and the Volunteer fee only.  Please note we are in desperate need of Spares for this League.  If you belong to another league no Spare fees will be charged, otherwise $5.00 per game will be the fee.  Great practice for Stick Curlers in other leagues.

Our hope is to have both Draws full.  It has been hard to get this League going but hoping word of mouth will bring more people.  If you know of anyone who has curled before and can not do so now because of medical problems -  knee, hip, back, shoulder or whatever, please try and get them to come out for this League.  The Stick League is for wheel chair curlers and new non-curlers also.  Age does not matter and keeps people in the game.  Please check out this site

Jackie Jackson


Stick curling is a game played on ice requiring hand-eye coordination. A game of skill,

strategy and some luck but above all, it's a game of fun. It's a game that's played by 

people of both genders and all ages, well into their 80's and 90's. It can be recreational

or competitive depending on how much time you want to devote to the sport.

Stick curling has found a niche with those traditional curlers who can no longer 

get down into the hack because of knee, back, heart, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, 

and ankle or foot problems.

People are curling now that haven't for years and they are having a good time. It is a lot of fun.

It keeps people in the game.

The stick was invented and refined by curlers who loved the game and wanted to continue 

to play without using a traditional slide delivery.

The stick is a term used to identify a device that enables a curler to deliver a rock 

from a standing position. The stick extends from a curler's hand and attaches to the rock handle.

In stick curling each team is comprised of two curlers. One member of each team stays 

at each end of the rink. Sweeping/brushing is allowed from the hog line to the back line.

Each stone must be delivered with a curling stick, from a standing or (in a wheelchair) position. 

The two delivering Curlers alternately deliver six stones each per end, while their teammates skip

that end. Then roles are reversed. Each team may call a maximum of two one minute time outs 

(and meet at center ice) during a game. When a time out is called the opposing team may consult 

near center ice at the same time. All games are six ends and usually take an hour to complete.

The equipment required is simple and inexpensive. There are several different sticks available

at varying costs. Curling or regular shoes with no heels, fitted with double grippers, are a must.

This is a great way to meet new people and see if you like this way of curling. It's also 

advantageous for newcomers to curling, since the complex technique of the slide delivery 

doesn't exist; yet the substantial mental aspects of the game are retained. With no sweeping/brushing 

allowed between the hog lines this provides fairness to those unable to sweep/brush. It also increases

the challenge, not having the advantage of sweeping/brushing to affect either line or weight 

in the initial travel of the stone.

Our game can be enhanced by seniors continuing to curl, as well as utilizing their experiences 

to coach newer curlers.


Last updated: 6 October 2016
by Ellie Nicholas